The Right’s ‘Post-Racial’ War on Civil Rights

Tea Party Racism


My blog posts can now be found on The Huffington Post. I’ll only post excerpts and links to the full articles on this site. Here’s an excerpt of my most recent post:

In the wake of the election of President Obama, the mainstream media posited the false notion that America was now in a ‘post-racial’ era in which the civil rights battles of the past were no longer relevant.

In this fantasy, having an African American in the Oval Office would be seen as proof that race was quickly losing its historical stranglehold on the American consciousness. We would all be seen as equal and the institutional barriers that once hindered blacks and other minorities would fall to the wayside as we walked hand in hand into a ‘post-racial’ future.

While it’s clear that media reports of a ‘post-racial’ America have been greatly exaggerated, the right-wing has organized around this fallacy and launched a media campaign designed to target and destroy civil rights and social justice organizations.

Full post available here:

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