New Publication: Inclusion and Exclusion of Latinos in the Affordable Care Act

The Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy has published my analysis of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its potential for improving access to care for the Latino population in its Spring 2014 issue. The article, Inclusion and Exclusion of Latinos in  →

President Obama, Trayvon Martin and the Souls of Black Folk

President Obama unexpectedly stepped into the Trayvon Martin controversy Friday afternoon, surprising members of press and the nation with his candid remarks on why so many African Americans are deeply pained by the killing of Trayvon Martin and the non-guilty verdict  →

President Obama’s Speech on Black Community’s Reaction to Trayvon Martin Shooting and Zimmerman Acquittal (full text and video)

Image Credit: NYMag President Obama surprised the nation Friday afternoon when he unexpectedly preempted press secretary Jay Carney’s daily White House press briefing to deliver remarks on the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial. I have an upcoming commentary on the speech but  →

Rand Paul Brings Republican Party Message to Howard University

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) delivered a speech at Howard University as part of Republican efforts to remake their brand and reach out to minorities in the wake of Mitt Romeny’s failed presidential bid. Judy is quoted in this Diverse Issues  →

Just the Facts: How the Affordable Care Act Helps Women

With the biggest legal battle over the President’s health care law settled, its time to end the political wrangling and start educating the American people about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Many who oppose the law are unclear  →

Race and the Fight Against Obamacare

Featured on The Huffington Post and With resistance to President Obama’s health care law culminating with the Supreme Court deciding the fate of the most important social policy since enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, the failure to  →

Health Care Showdown: How Did We Get Here?

Cross-posted on The Huffington Post and Politic365 Passing the Affordable Care Act was no easy feat. The legislative and political battle over health reform was sharply drawn along ideological lines. After months of political wrangling and Tea Party protests that  →

Steve Jobs and the Future of Journalism

This post also appears on The Huffington Post Steve Jobs dramatically changed the media landscape with pioneering products that will forever change the way news is consumed and distributed. As I prepare to moderate a panel next week on news  →

WWPR Names Judy Lubin ‘Emerging Leader’

Last night Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) honored me with one of three 2011 Emerging Leaders Awards (ELA) given to rising stars, ages 21-35, in the public relations and communications industry.  →

Netroots Panel On Black Voter Turnout Sparks Debate

With Obama-bashing at fever pitch in certain circles, some reactions to our Netroots Nation panel demonstrate that disappointment in the president can overshadow meaningful attempts to reach out to voters.  →