Just the Facts: How the Affordable Care Act Helps Women

Women and Obamacare

With the biggest legal battle over the President’s health care law settled, its time to end the political wrangling and start educating the American people about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Many who oppose the law are unclear about what’s in it. The law provides real, tangible benefits for everyone, but women stand […]

Race and the Fight Against Obamacare

Featured on The Huffington Post and theRoot.com With resistance to President Obama’s health care law culminating with the Supreme Court deciding the fate of the most important social policy since enactment of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965, the failure to win popular support for health care will be studied for many years to come. Racism […]

Health Care Showdown: How Did We Get Here?

Cross-posted on The Huffington Post and Politic365 Passing the Affordable Care Act was no easy feat. The legislative and political battle over health reform was sharply drawn along ideological lines. After months of political wrangling and Tea Party protests that underscored fundamental differences on the role of government, the public option was off the table […]

A Health Reform Agenda for Black America

Martin Luther King, Jr, called health inequality the “most shocking and inhumane” of all forms of inequality. As we sit at the cusp of sweeping legislative reform to fix our ailing health care system, Americans who believe in social justice and equality must stand up and support a public health insurance plan that would provide access to affordable, quality coverage for all Americans.

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